Velocity Configuration

10.Velocity Configuration

The Velocity Configuration service allows close-loop controls of the velocity of the mobility system.

Require: core:AccessControl
Inherit from: none

10.1 Service Behavior

10.1.1 State Diagram

  Figure 9 Velocity Configuration State Diagram

10.1.2 State Actions

State Actions
  • Set velocity configurations.
  • Report commanded velocity configurations.

10.1.3 Internal Events

Event Parameters Purpose
ieReceiveMessage Message received

10.1.4 Transitions

Transition Trigger Condition Action
A ieReceiveMessage Process received messages

10.2 Protocol

10.2.1 Incoming Message Set

# ID Message
1 H:0x00000001
L: 0x00000214
Query Velocity Configuration
2 H:0x00000001
L: 0x00000215
Set Velocity Configuration

10.2.2 Outgoing Message Set

# ID Message
1 H:0x00000001
L: 0x00000216
Report Velocity Configuration

10.3 Parameters


    1. CYCLEINTERVAL double, time interval in seconds of each cycle, default=0.1.
    2. DATATIMEOUT double, timeout in seconds for not receiving velocity configuration updates, default=0.5.

10.4 Data


  1. location=velocityConfiguration, type=VelocityConfigurationRec