Drive Configuration

9.Drive Configuration

The Drive Configuration service allows additional controls of the mobility system, either using Primitive Driver or other means, such as Skid Steer Driver. The Primitive Driver controls the movement of the system while the Skid Steer Driver controls individual tracks of the system.

The Drive Configuration service also specifies the controls of the stabilizers, either by efforts or positions.

Require: core:AccessControl
Inherit from: none

9.1 Service Behavior

9.1.1 State Diagram

  Figure 8 Drive Configuration State Diagram

9.1.2 State Actions

State Actions
  • Set drive configurations.
  • Report commanded drive configurations.

9.1.3 Internal Events

Event Parameters Purpose
ieReceiveMessage Message received

9.1.4 Transitions

Transition Trigger Condition Action
A ieReceiveMessage Process received messages

9.2 Protocol

9.2.1 Incoming Message Set

# ID Message
1 H:0x00000001
L: 0x00000211
Query Drive Configuration
2 H:0x00000001
L: 0x00000212
Set Drive Configuration

9.2.2 Outgoing Message Set

# ID Message
1 H:0x00000001
L: 0x00000213
Report Drive Configuration

9.3 Parameters

  1. CYCLEINTERVAL double, time interval in seconds of each cycle, default=0.1.
  2. DATATIMEOUT double, timeout in seconds for not receiving drive configuration updates, default=0.5.

9.4 Data


location=driveconfiguration, type=DriveConfigurationRec