Service Register

7.Service Register

Service Register periodically registers services of the component to the Discovery service.

Require: none

Inherit from: none

7.1 Service Behavior

7.1.1 State Diagram

Figure 6 Service Register State Diagram

7.1.2 State Actions

State Actions
  • Periodically sends Register Services to the Discovery service

7.1.3 Internal Events

Event Parameters Purpose

7.1.4 Transitions

Transition Trigger Condition Action

7.2 Protocol

7.2.1 Incoming Message Set

# ID Message

7.2.2 Outgoing Message Set

# ID Message
1 H:0x00000001
Register Services

7.3 Parameters

  1. CYCLEINTERVAL double, time interval in seconds of each cycle, default=0.1.
  2. REGISTERINTERVAL double, time interval in seconds to register the services, default=2.0.