Appendix C

21.Appendix C

21.1 App Python Class

from .bindings import PybindDashBoard

class DashBoard(object):
This class provides access to dash_board application
def __init__(self, working_dir: str = “.”):
  self._dash_board = PybindDashBoard(working_dir)

def initialize(self):
  ”’Initialize logger and cfg”’
  return self._dash_board.initialize()

def instantiate(self):
  ”’Instantiate needed comps and services”’
  return self._dash_board.instantiate()

def set_up_actions(self):
  ”’Set up parameters of the services”’
  return self._dash_board.set_up_actions()

def get_params(self):
  ”’Store params of services to the parameter file”’
  return self._dash_board.get_params()

def start_up_actions(self):
  ”’Start up services”’
  return self._dash_board.start_up_actions()

def shutdown(self):
  ”’Shutdown the application”’
  return self._dash_board.shutdown()

def destroy(self):
  ”’Destroy instantiated comps and services”’
  return self._dash_board.destroy()

def get_data(self, urlstr: str):
  ”’Get data of urlstr from service”’
  return self._dash_board.get_data(urlstr)

def set_data(self, urlstr: str, jsondata: str):
  ”’Set json data to service of urlstr”’
  return self._dash_board.set_data(urlstr, jsondata))