Safety Client

7.Safety Client

The Safety Client service monitors the Estop button state and send Set Estop messages accordingly to the Safety service. For redundancy, the Safety Client queries Subsystem Health Summary from the Status Monitor service of the subsystem. It sets E-stop if the Subsystem Health Summary is in Error or Fatal.

Note that Safety Client needs to obtain control of the Safety service while sending the Set Estop message.

Require: none
Inherit from: none

7.1 Service Behavior

7.1.1 State Diagram

  Figure 9 Management Client Diagram

7.1.2 State Actions

State ID
OPERATIONAL Monitor the Estop button state and the health summary of the subsystem, sends Set Estop messages with the Estop state to the Safety service.
FAULT Hardware problem, stop sending Set Estop messages.

7.1.3 Internal Events

Event Parameters Purpose

7.1.4 Transitions

Transition Trigger Condition Action
A Hardware problem detected

7.2 Protocol

7.2.1 Incoming Message Set

# ID Message
1 H:0x00000001 L: 0x0000013A Report Health Summary
2 H:0x00000001 L: 0x0000012B Confirm Control
3 H:0x00000001 L: 0x0000012C Reject Control
4 H:0x00000001 L: 0x0000012D Report Control

7.2.2 Outgoing Message Set

# ID Message
1 H:0x00000001
L: 0x00000128
Request Control
2 H:0x00000001
L: 0x00000139
Query Health Summary
3 H:0x00000001
Set Estop
4 H:0x00000001
L: 0x0000012A
Query Control
5 H:0x00000001 L: 0x00000129 Release Control

7.3 Parameters

Name ID Unit Default
Cycle Interval double second 0.1
Critical Data Timeout double second 0.2
Report Data Timeout double second 2.0
Critical Message Interval double second 0.1
Message Interval double second 1.0
Authority Code unsigned byte second 225