Service Data

14.Service Data

Service data are defined and stored in the services, which play important roles in the integration of Uli SDK.

Services implement two functions: GetData and SetData, to allow access to the service data. Both functions take an URL string for locating the data. SetData takes an additional argument of JSON string of the data to set. GetData returns JSON serialized string from the data.

The GetData and SetData of the service is called from the GetData and SetData of the Comp App Library.

14.1 URL String

The URL string for locating the data is defined in the format as:

“data:///?”, where

<app domain&gt   is “any” or app full name where name spaces are in reverse order and “.” separated, for example: “dash_board.apps.uli_sdk”.

<service_uri> uri of the service, for example: “core_clients.DashBoard”

<queries> list of key and value pair separated by “&”, key=value, for example: “location=subsystemlist” or “location=subsystemstatusdetails&id=100”.

14.2 JSON serialized String

GetData returns the JSON serialized string of the retrieved data. SetData needs a serialized JSON string for setting the data to. The conversion between the data record and JSON string is done through the ToPTree and FromPTree functions of the data record.