Component Network

2.Component Network

Components are forming interconnected networks where each component is identified by its ID, a tuple of (Subsystem ID, Node ID, Component ID). Messages between components are addressed by the component ID and transported via local socket, UDP, and web socket. The graph below shows two Subsystem Networks are connected through two Uli Routers. The message within Subsystem and Internal Network, Yellow Lines, are over UDP, but the messaging between two Uli Routers, Blue Lines, is over web sockets.

Figure 4 Component Network

2.1 Message Transport

Transport is to send messages between components.

2.1.1 Local Socket

Local socket is used for messaging between components and node manager in the same node.

2.1.2 UDP

UDP is used for messaging between components in different nodes of the same subsystem or in different subsystems.

2.1.3 Web Socket

Web socket is used for messaging between two Uli Routers in the wide area networks.