You can build any targets defined in the BUILD files, but you always need to be in ~/ovt/uli_sdk directory:

% cd ~/ovt/uli_sdk

% bazel build <build-target>

For example, to build utils/base_utils, you type:

% bazel build utils/base_utils

Bazel build puts the outputs in the bazel-out and bazel-bin directories. To clean the build, use the commands:

% cd ~/ovt/uli_sdk

% bazel clean

11.1 Cross Build

Bazel allows builds for different target devices than the x86_64 development host. Currently, NVIDIA Jetson devices in JetPack45, are supported. More will come in the future.

To build for the NVIDIA Jetson devices, using the following command:

% bazel build –config jetpack45 <build-target>

For example, to build services/core for jetpack45:

% bazel build –config jetpack45 services/core